Just when you thought the cast for Steven Soderbergh‘s action flick Knockout couldn’t get any bigger, it does. Over at The Playlist, they’re reporting that two more actors have signed on to co-star in the film that already includes Michael Douglas, Dennis Quaid, Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor, and newcomer Gina Carano.

The newest faces to join Knockout are G.I. Joe’s Channing Tatum and Antonio Banderas. According to the site’s sources, Tatum will star as “one of the elite specialists on Carano’s team named Aaron — a military gearhead-type who’s sent to try and bring her back in once she’s been double-crossed and gone rogue.” They go on to say that his role might be smaller and more supporting in the grand scheme of themes.

On the other hand Banderas has been brought on as a late edition to the film, where he’ll star as the head of a Black-ops European unit. The premise for Knockout centers on a woman raised in the military, who left to work for a Blackwater-esque company to make better money but is betrayed by one of her teammates. Almost all the male characters in the movie have shady dealings under their belt, so she has to watch her back at all times.

Even though Tatum won’t have a major role in Knockout, who would turn down a spot in a Soderbergh film? He had a blink and you missed it part in Michael Mann‘s Public Enemies last summer, so he shouldn’t have any objections to this gig. I’m also happy to hear Banderas taking on a role that doesn’t require him to be an animated cat. He did a lot of great action roles in the nineties, and I cant wait to see him return to his glory days. The film is set to start production in February and will shoot in Barcelona, Dublin and New Mexico.

What do you think of Tatum and Banderas joining Knockout? Do you think their good casting choices?