For me, this series is hit or a miss. Some episodes are genius while others leave you feeling like you’re watching a very expensive melodrama. After three season’s of watching them ice-skate together, they are now opening each episode with Bill and his three wives in flowing outfits falling from the sky (you can watch below). I understood the intro but was not fully taken by it because it felt to clean and pretty for Big Love, which overall was one of my main problems with this episode…

The Players:

  • Director: Daniel Attias
  • Writers/Creators: Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer
  • Actors: Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloë Sevigny, Ginnifer Goodwin, Amanda Seyfried, Douglas Smith, Grace Zabriskie, Matt Ross, Melora Walters, Harry Dean Stanton, Joel McKinnon Miller

The Shows Plot:

Quiet simply, polygamist Bill Henrickson and his three wives Barb, Nicolette and Margene, all attempt to share a happy and “normal” life in everyday Utah society.

Title of this Weeks Episode: “Free at Last” Season 4: Episode 1

They family tries to pull together for the grand opening of the Blackfoot Magic Casino, while the Feds probe them for information on the missing Roman Grant. Alby stands to take over the compound if his own personal needs don’t get in his way. At the compound, Adaleen shares a shocking secret with Nicki.  Margie’s business is doing well, but with all the drama in her family, she starts to slip, what will she chose? And that’s just a few of the plot points, there were plenty more.

The Good:

  • Alby: Possibly one of the most interesting characters on the series, I think someone got word and decided he needed more scenes and for good reason. He’s creepy as f*ck and adds a bit of comedy and natural drama to the mix.
  • The Three Wives: Yet again the most interesting part about this show is watching three apparently intelligent women in a ridiculous situation justifying what they’re doing to themselves and others. Sadly, we can only watch this for so long without getting bored, part of there way of solving this was to add to many plot points which leads us to…

The Bad:

  • Too Many Plot Points: I get that this is a series premiere and they’re trying to re-introduce the characters, but the entire episode was so jam packed with different plot points that the show started to feel melodramatic.
  • The “Meat Room”: Not only did I not buy why Nicki went to help her mother, but why she then went down into a hot meat room when everything is pointing to “trap, don’t go in there.”
  • Clean Cut: The entire episode was far to neatly placed together and you could feel it. There was no natural flow and it made the drama feel forced. Which was made worse by everything being…
  • Too Pretty: One of the best parts of this show was that Nicki would run around i n her high cut outfits with her ridiculous braid, Ginnifer used to look like an “average girl” instead of a model/actress, and overall the make-up and costuming wasn’t quite so pretty. We have to believe these characters to trust them, and how can we believe that a mother can take care of 8 children, run a business and have her hair and make-up fully done every morning?
  • The Ending: Was I the only one that found the climax of this episode a bit underrated?


Yet again, the acting on this show was phenomenal (although Bill still drives me nuts, but that’s because I can’t stand his character) and the dynamic is as always interesting. Sadly, the premiere was a bit of a let down because it focused on too many unnecessary plots instead of the characters. Hopefully the novelty of their set up hasn’t died out and they’ll get back to what they’re good at, exploring the life of odd characters.

Rating: 5/10

Show Airs: Sundays at 9pm on HBO

Photos (Mostly all from the intro with them falling from one another):

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