The latest casting news to come out of the Green Lantern camp is strange and unnerving. According to Variety, “Gossip Girl” queen Blake Lively has been tapped to star as the leading lady in the film opposite Ryan Reynolds. The actress who is mostly known for her role on the teenage soap has managed to land a top spot in a major Warner Bros film. What the hell is the world coming to?

According to the trade, Lively will star as Carol Ferris in the live action adaptation of Lantern, which will be directed by Martin Campbell. Weeks ago there were rumors that several actresses were in the running for the part including Lively, Jennifer Garner, and Keri Russell. The studio obviously decided to go with youth by choosing the 22 year old up and comer, who just came off a stint starring opposite Ben Affleck in The Town. Green Lantern is scheduled to start production in March, and the film’s release has been set for June 17, 2011.

Carol is the love interest of Jordan and the daughter of an aerospace mogul. In the comics she typically has dark hair and blue eyes, but that’s nothing a box of Clairol can’t handle. I tend to like DC/Warner Bros comic book productions a lot better than Marvel, but this movie has been all over the place. First, we had to deal with Ryan Reynolds jumping from superhero to superhero, and now I’m supposed to take Serena van der Woodsen seriously as a aerospace executive? What do you think about all this?

Do you think Lively was the right choice for the role of Carol Ferris? Who else should they have cast?