There’s been so much speculation regarding the production of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides that we’re not surprised the location hasn’t been nailed down yet. According to a report from the local Louisiana news site WAFB, Disney was interested in filming their next epic in Baton Rouge but are opting to head overseas instead.

The first reports regarding the location shoot for the film came on Wednesday when word spread that Baton Rouge was one of the cities placed on a shortlist for On Stranger Tides. A source stated that the studio was interested in using the “Baton Rouge River Center for a five-month period starting in May to shoot portions of the movie.” There was no confirmation or denial regarding this speculation so people just ran with it.

Two days later we’re hearing they’ve jumped ship from America, and have decided to shoot in London according to the most recent reports. Disney contacted Chris Stelly, director of Louisiana Film and Television on Thursday to notify him that they wouldn’t be shooting in the southern city after all. Instead they’ll be heading over for tea and crumpets in jolly old England. I wonder how the location will play into the film’s story?

What do you think about On Stranger Tides being shot in London?