This week in movies is a little bit on the weak side. The vampire flick starring Ethan Hawke, Daybreakers, hits theaters. The movie is about a society of vampires that farm humans for their blood, except something goes terribly wrong. The movie hasn’t gotten great reviews, but it might fit under the category of “watchable.” The loveably-awkward Michael Cera’s new movie, Youth in Revolt, about a nerdy guy who is trying to get the hot girl to like him. It should be wildly cliched, completely-predictable, and enjoyable. Then we have the romantic comedy, starring Amy Adams, Leap Year. Tim Allen and Mathew Broderick both have limited release movies coming out this week with Crazy on the Outside and Wonderful World, respectively.

Check out the movies coming out on January 8, 2010…

Watch the trailers


[youtube W9roxtugaUo 570 470]

Youth in Revolt

[youtube XbJyaO97QPY 570 470]

Leap Year

[youtube Argw8RXNREk 570 470]

Crazy on the Outside

[youtube rardyMGqHys 570 470]

Wonderful World

[youtube PIHKlR_AEik 570 470]

Bitch Slap

[youtube 0izJ6KrqpQk 570 470]

Which movie will you see?