We had the opportunity to speak to Dwayne Johnson while he was out doing press for his upcoming release, Tooth Fairy. The film is a family friendly comedy that falls in line with a lot of the movies he’s done lately, but we miss the action oriented Johnson. So, the age old question that all of us want answered reared its head, will he or won’t the do a sequel to the 2003 hit, The Rundown?

The Rundown was a great action film directed by Peter Berg, that starred Johnson alongside Sean William Scott, and Rosario Dawson. It was kind of a bounty-treasure hunt type film, that we all fell in love with. There had been speculation that a sequel was on the horizon years ago, but we haven’t heard much about it. Today we found out from Johnson himself whether or not he’d be up for another round of The Rundown.

“I think that there’s storylines within The Rundown that I like, and I think that we can take that and make a different movie out of it. I had a great time working with Peter Berg and the other actors, it was great. But that was a great movie, and if we could do a part two, sure.”

Johnson went on to say that he believes people enjoyed The Rundown because it was more than an action movie on the surface. It was driven by a story, and had great characters and great people involved. It doesn’t hurt that he got to kick some serious butt along the way, but it was a good old fashioned, fun movie. He sounds more than open to doing a follow up to the film, so hopefully a decent script will come along that grabs his attention. Bring on The Rundown 2!

Do you want to see a sequel to The Rundown? What did you think of the first movie?