I don’t know how many of you out there watch soap operas, but it’s a genre of television that was embedded in my brain at an early age. “General Hospital” has been a guilty pleasure of mine since 1990, but as of late it’s been pretty difficult to watch.

Golden Globe winner James Franco began a stint on the show last fall, and is currently in the middle of a very heated storyline, and by heated I mean over the top. He’s such a talented actor, but he really takes it down a peg on the show. If you don’t believe me take a look at one of his recent scenes that left much to be desired.

Here’s some background on his character…

He plays a guy named Franco, yes his character’s name is Franco. That was a lame concept from the jump, but it gets worse. His character is a super exclusive Parisian artist who uses murder scenes as inspiration. Because of his obsession with death, he’s targeted the show’s neighborhood hit man Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) because he thinks his job as a mass murderer is the greatest art of all. He does everything he can to get Jason’s attention by kidnapping his girlfriend Sam, his best friend Carly, and his best friend’s cousin Lulu (did you get all that?).

In this scene below, fast forward to the 5:45 mark to watch his dramatic introduction. Here he’s broken into Carly’s home and is hovering over her infant daughter. He then kidnaps her and spews some of the most wink, wink, nudge, nudge dialogue I’ve ever heard. At one point he actually says, “who do I have to screw to get off this movie?!” We don’t know James, but we’d love for you to get back on the set ASAP!

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What do you think of Franco’s acting on General Hospital?