Is Marvel on crack? Have they been sniffing the glue at the House of Mouse? Spider-Man 4 has enough problems on its plate without this latest piece of news. The upcoming Spidey film and Kenneth Branagh‘s Thor were set to debut within weeks of each other during the summer of 2011, but that schedule has gone out the window. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the shifting of Thor‘s release date is one of them.

Thor was originally scheduled for release on May 20, 2011 with Spider-Man coming in a couple of weeks earlier on May 6, 2011. While Sony and Marvel are still trying to figure out what to do with Spider-Man and its countless problems, Paramount has decided to move up Thor‘s date to May 6th as well. This is interesting because there hasn’t been an official change of Spider-Man‘s date by Sony, so what the hell are they doing?

Spider-Man 4 does have an established fanbase, but it also has a group of pissed off fans who might decide to stay home after the abomination that was Spider-Man 3. Sony hasn’t released an official statement regarding the move, but Paramount said they didn’t want to wait in the wings until the studio figured out what they wanted to do. They wanted to pounce on the open slot, before any one else did.

Sony needs to concede ASAP. Spider-Man definitely has clout with all of its installments being successes, but this fourth film might not be so lucky. There’s a lot of positive buzz being generated for Thor regarding it’s cast and director, while Spidey has been at the center of bad press. If they want to save face, they should play nice and move along.

Do you think Sony should change Spider-Man 4′s release date? Is Paramount wrong for moving up Thor?

Source: Variety