To some movie lovers, Netflix is the saving grace of home entertainment. A rental membership opens the door to the world of film and television in a way that eliminates the middle man. Netflix’s premise is all about convenience and watching movies when you want, so imagine our surprise when we found out they made a corporate deal that takes away new releases.

You know that slogan about Netflix having same day new releases that can be found in stores? That concept is gone, thanks to a deal they struck with Warner Bros. Under their new agreement, Netflix can’t and won’t rent any releases from the studio until they’ve been in stores for 28 days. That’s right, you’ll be waiting nearly a month until you can access the latest WB movie to hit the market.

Warner wants some breathing room to be put between the online rental company and retailers so they can sell more discs. In return for this change of heart, Netflix will get a discount on Warner Bros films, and their selection will expand drastically with both movies and television to watch via the internet. This deal has the power to seriously piss off some members.

It all depends on what you’re into. If Warner Bros gives up more content for streaming you may benefit from this agreement, but if you’re more into the physical releases then you’re going to have to wait it out. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the studios follow suit, and approach Netflix with the same type of proposal. In a way it seems like their taking two steps forward, and one step back, what do you think?

Do you think Netflix will suffer from their deal with Warner Bros?

Source: Associated Press