Jay Baruchel seems like such a sweet guy, which is why he’s believable at playing the shy, nerdy character in all of his films. While he’s mostly known for his supporting roles, he’s gotten a rare opportunity to star as the lead. In She’s Out of My League he plays an Average Joe, who lands a model girlfriend, and has no idea what to do with her. The first trailer has been released for the film, which looks like a mash up between The 40 Year Old Virgin and The Truth About Cats and Dogs

In the comedy She’s Out of My League, Kirk (Baruchel) is an average looking guy who lands a ridiculously attractive girlfriend named Molly (Alice Eve). Not only is Kirk stunned by this development, but so are his friends and family. Everyone is in complete disbelief that someone of her caliber would want to date him. With that cloud of doubt constantly over his head, he must stay on his toes to make the relationship work, because he knows she’s totally out of his league.

On the surface this movie doesn’t look like anything groundbreaking. The trailer sets it up like any other frat boy comedy about a hot girl and a dorky guy. Some of the actors featured include Cloverfield‘s Mike Vogel as Kirk’s best friend, and Geoff Stults as the ex-boyfriend who tries to win back Molly’s heart.

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She’s Out of My League is directed by Jim Field Smith, and hits theaters on March 12th.

Does this movie look funny to you? Are you interested in seeing Baruchel in a lead role?