For those of you who enjoyed your encounter with Stephen Sommer‘s G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra last summer, there’s more to come. We all had a feeling that another Joe film would be in the works, but no official writer was attached to take on the project. But over at Collider, they’ve got word that a scribe has been hired for a new film, which means Paramount has every intention of moving along with the sequel.

UPDATE: Earlier today we reported that Paramount had hired a writer to pen the sequel to Rise of Cobra, but the writer’s name was never revealed. Now, IESB is reporting that the studio’s scribes of choice are Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Their the same guys who wrote the horror comedy Zombieland, and have recently been tapped to pen the upcoming Deadpool spin-off. They will definitely have their hands full in the new year.

Here’s the original post below…

According to their close source the studio has brought on a writer to “Go Joe” a second time, but they were unable to get their name. They wouldn’t budge on who’s been given the task, so it could be anybody’s guess. The Rise of Cobra was written by Stuart Beattie, but I doubt he’d have the time to return for the movie, because he’s busy prepping for his directorial debut, Tomorrow, When the World Began. The film is being placed on a scale with Twilight and Harry Potter so unless he had a second Joe script already written, his involvement sounds unlikely.

Even though G.I. Joe wasn’t a massive hit it managed to make a decent profit. Its saving grace came from its international gross, which pushed it over the 300 million dollar mark in box office sales. The budget for the film was 175 million and it only made 150 here in the states. Another sign of the times are the contractual obligations of the actors. If they do make a second film their all set to appear in sequels via their original deals.

Even though I’m not particularly thrilled about this sequel, the first film was still better than Wolverine. That’s right, I said it!

Are you interested in seeing a G.I. Joe sequel? Who should they hire to write the script?