There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the upcoming  Korean war film from director Eric Brevig. From what we’ve heard it will be a massive epic that will be shot in 3-D for blockbuster appeal. Some new info has popped up regarding the film’s production start as well as its shooting location, and it sounds like everything’s falling into place.

The folks over at MarketSaw, have received word from one of their most trusted sources that Brevig’s film will be shot in New Zealand. They state that “they need snow in order to match Korea at the time the movie is set.” They also went on to reveal that production will begin in mid-2011 so the film can make a 2012 release date. The director was said to be inspired to make the epic after watching Kang Je-gyu’s Korean War film, Tae Guk Gi: Brotherhood Of War.

Brevig’s past work includes the 3-D family film, Journey to the Center of the Earth and the upcoming Yogi Bear. Obviously this man has an affinity for visual spectacle, but can he apply it to a war drama without being too cartoonish? The best war films are the ones that stick to simple story, and have some type of moral conflict at its center. It doesn’t seem right putting on 3-D glasses while in the midst of that.

What do you think of Brevig making a 3-D war epic? Will the format be distracting?