Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to cast Taylor Lautner as Tom Cruise’s son in a film? Apparently someone in a studio boardroom, with no attachment to reality did. According to Nikki Finke, the Twilight actor will star opposite Cruise in his next project, Northern Lights for Skydance Productions.

Northern Lights will be directed by John Moore, the guy behind the painful adaptation of the popular video game Max Payne. The story for the film centers on “a gifted, young, aerobatics pilot who faces off with his controlling, billionaire father and falls in love with a gifted, female pilot).” Why does this sound like the plot from an Archie comic? The start date of the film has already been set for April 1st, and could possibly be distributed by Paramount since the studio has a first look deal with Skydance.

If the cartoonish premise of this film doesn’t get under your skin perhaps Lautner’s price tag will. Word on the street is that the teenager will earn 7.5 million dollars for starring in the film. Not bad for someone who was living in Robert Pattinson‘s shadow over a year ago.

There’s nothing wrong with the guy using his new found fame to expand his career, but you have to admit the story is laughable. Plus, this sounds like a spin-off of Top Gun, which may be the studios real intention. Tap into that nostalgic Cruise fanbase while hooking the Twi-hards at the same time.

Do you think Cruise and Lautner will make a good onscreen combo?