For the past few months all we’ve been hearing about is James Bond and The Hobbit’s uncertain future, but what about Spider-Man? The fourth installment of the Marvel franchise can’t get it together and the rumors surrounding the troubled production are slowly turning into fact. Will the film ever make its 2011 release date?

The major issue that constantly pops up with Spider-Man 4 is the story. For months Sony and director Sam Raimi have been insisting that everything is going according to plan, and the next film will be better than ever. Hogwash! We’ve heard so many rumors regarding the direction of the plot including the villains, that we don’t know who to believe. It sounds like the B.S. has finally hit the fan because according to THR, the studio is having a difficult time getting the project off the ground.

The trade reports that Sony and Raimi can’t decide on what direction to go with the villains for the film. The director wants the character Vulture, who is an older guy with wings and bird like features, while the studio wants a romantic subplot with Black Cat aka Felicia Hardy. Several writers have tried to join both ideas together but to no avail. This is the same conflict they had with Spider-Man 3, which turned out to be the worst installment of the franchise.

In the third film Raimi wanted the Sandman and Vulture to be the primary villains, while Sony pushed for Venom because of his slick alien look that would attract kids. We all saw what happened to that movie, it was pure visual cancer. I’m not surprised by this development one bit, because there have been so many casting rumors regarding Black Cat that there had to be some truth to it.

They better get it together, because if they can’t right the wrongs from the last film they should leave it alone. The only thing worse than a bad sequel is another bad sequel that tries to do better but turns out even worse. Look at what happened with X-Men: The Last Stand and Wolverine.

Do you think they should continue on with Spider-Man 4? Who should the film’s villain be?