Now it is time for a few random stories that might peak your interest. The stories discuss why we have never seen Natalie Portman in any chick flicks or comedy movies, why Karen O and T-Bone Burnett will not be up for any Oscar nominations for their work this past year, and what Bob Barker is up to now that he isn’t hosting the Price is Right.

Check out the stories below…

  • Karen O and T Bone Burnett seemed like major contenders for Oscar nominations with their work on Crazy Heart and Where the Wild Things Are, but that is unfortunately not the case since they’ve been given the boot! [BeatCrave]
  • Although this isn’t necessarily related to movies, it is related to T.V. and that is good enough for us. Bob Barker has donated $5 million dollars to an anti-whaling organization to stop illegal whaling by Antarctica. [Huffington Post]
  • Natalie Portman discusses with Elle Magazine why she has never done any comedy films, and the other film genre she steers clear of. [Daily Mail]
  • In more composing related news, Muse is possibly going to be scoring the remake of the 1980’s classic, Clash of the Titans starring Sam Worthington. Seems like an off mix, but maybe it will work? [BeatCrave]

Do you think Karen O or T Bone should be able to get an Oscar Nod? What do you think about Muse scoring Clash of the Titans?