The most watched television event of the year is the Superbowl, and just as many people tune in for the commercials as the actual game. This year the ad revenue for the program will be through the roof as some major companies have bought some ad time including a few film studios. We’ve discovered several high profile movies that will run trailers during the annual football game, thanks to the folks over at Advertising Age.

Universal Pictures, Paramount, and Walt Disney have all thrown their hats in the ring for some Superbowl spots. A few of the films that will pop up during the broadcast include Iron Man 2, Shutter Island, and M. Night. Shyamalan‘s latest, The Last Airbender. Those are all Paramount films, so the gaps for Disney and Universal are anyone’s guess.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the House of Mouse threw in a spot for Alice in Wonderland, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, or even Tron Legacy. Universal isn’t so cut and dry since they don’t have an abundance of tentpole projects in their arsenal, but we’ll see. Iron Man 2 will hit theaters on May 7th, Shutter Island drops on February 19th, and The Last Airbender debuts on July 2nd. The Superbowl itself will air on CBS on February 7th.

What trailers do you want to see pop up during the Superbowl?