Two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn was on a professional roller coaster last year thanks to his award winning performance in Milk. He had movie projects being thrown at him left and right, but somewhere down the line he decided to take a break. This self-imposed retirement put the actor’s future projects in jeopardy including the highly anticipated Three Stooges movie. According to the Boston Herald, Penn has once again changed his mind and will tackle the comedic trio after all.

One half of the Farrelly Brothers directing team, Bobby Farrelly, recently gave an update on the film’s status and told the world that Penn is back on board. The last time we heard from either of the directors the prognosis looked grim. They weren’t sure if the film would go on without the actor’s participation, and they already had Benicio del Toro and Jim Carrey set to star as Moe and Curly respectively.

“We got him back,” Bobby Farrelly told the Track. “He always said he wanted to do it after, you know, taking care of his family.”

Unfortunately, with Penn’s return comes Carrey’s exit, which means we’re back to where we started. If they get all three actors together to do this movie will the world explode? For some odd reason they can’t keep more than two actors on this project. It’s interesting that Carrey’s involvement is no longer certain, since he was shown putting on weight for the role, and has a background in comedy. Wouldn’t doing the Three Stooges movie be a comedic actor’s dream?

The Farrelly’s will continue on with the film despite its problems, but plan on doing another project called Hall Pass first. It’s a comedy with Owen Wilson as “a ho-hum husband whose wife, looking to spice up their sex life, gives him a ‘pass’ to play the field for a week.” Doesn’t that sound like a plot we’ve never seen Owen Wilson do before (shifty eyes)?

Who do you think should replace Jim Carrey as Curly in the Three Stooges? Are you happy that Penn returned?