The Producer’s Guild of America have announced their nominees for Best Picture and Producer of the Year and it’s a tight race. Unlike other mainstream guilds or groups there are fewer PGA categories, but more nominees. This year they followed in the footsteps of the Academy Awards and expanded their Best Picture category with ten available slots. This left several spots open for a couple of big budget sci-films to sneak in.

Not only did Avatar earn a Best Picture nomination from the Producer’s Guild, but so did Star Trek and District 9. That amount of sci-fi love is rare when it comes to awards of this stature. Perhaps the Oscars will follow suit and throw a few surprises into their film pool when their nominees are revealed next month. As for the Best Animated features Fantastic Mr. Fox reared its head, as did The Princess and the Frog. If you’re wondering where’s Pixar’s Up, don’t worry it’s in good hands hanging out with the other Best Picture nominees in the live action category.

Check out the full list of nominees here.

Are you surprised that Up, Star Trek, and Avatar got nominated for Best Picture?

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