The upcoming animated feature Despicable Me will feature a cast of well known actors lending their voices to its characters, but what about the soundtrack? It turns out that one-half of the producing team The Neptunes will take on that task. Pharrell Williams, the producer/rapper/writer will write original music for the Universal Pictures film.

Williams will take on composition duties for Despicable Me along with Hans Zimmer and Heitor Pereira. Williams has already penned the title track for the movie that appears in the teaser trailer, and is currently working on its orchestral score. The three time Grammy winner got his start by producing tracks for other successful artists including Jay-Z and Usher. He then went on to form his hip hop trio, N.E.R.D., and the rest is award winning history.

Williams gave a statement regarding his feelings about the Despicable Me project and working alongside two music veterans.

“I love cartoons and animation, and I’ve never seen such incredible 3-D CGI. To score ‘Despicable Me’ along with Hans and Heitor and write original songs for the film is a dream come true.”

I do believe Williams when it comes to his affinity for cartoons, have you seen his wardrobe from back in the day? Have you checked out his Ice Cream shoe line? You can’t get any more animated than that. It will be interesting to see how these different talents come together, because their backgrounds are so different. This can turn out to be amazing or a literal disaster.

Do you think Williams, Zimmer, and Pereira will make beautiful music together?

Source: ComingSoon