Yesterday we brought you news that Pierre Morel had been tapped to take on the big screen remake of the sci-fi property Dune, and now a new trailer has been released for his latest film. From Paris With Love stars a very bald John Travolta and a confused Jonathan Rhys Meyers, in an action ode to the eighties. On the surface the movie doesn’t look any different from what we’re used to seeing, but this trailer tries to set it apart.

From Paris With Love centers on a low ranking intelligence officer (Meyers) working in France at the U.S. Ambassador’s office. He bites off more than he can chew when he’s paired up with a high ranking, wise-cracking, over the top senior agent, who is played by an over the top John Travolta.

I like senseless violence from time to time, but this movie tries too hard to be in your face with it. Correction, John Travolta tries too hard to be in your face. The actor is selling his character as a ticking time bomb, with his Tony Stark goatee, and gold hoop earring. Sometimes subtlety is your friend John.

Here’s the latest trailer from the film that stole one minute and 14 seconds I can never get back…

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From Paris With Love hits theaters on February 5, 2010.

What do you think of the second trailer for Pierre Morel’s latest film? Are you interested in seeing it?