This Friday Michael Cera will be hitting the big screen in his latest film, Youth in Revolt. In a last ditch effort of promotion he decided to tap into that famous MTV audience to bring in the box office dollars. Therefore, he recently attached himself to the network’s biggest show, the love or hate it phenomenon, “Jersey Shore.”

Cera shot several behind the scenes videos with the cast of the reality show, that will air on a later MTV movie special. Some of the highlights include cast member Pauly D. giving Cera the perfect Jersey Shore hairdo. With gel, a brush, and a blow dryer in hand he transformed the low-key actor into one of his fellow MTV brethren. From our perspective he looked more like an anime character from Dragonball, but who are we to judge?

The actor also got a lesson in how to properly “fist pump” while on the dance floor, and shook his groove thing with Snooki. They dressed him in an over the top graphic tee that he pulled over his flannel button up, and made him an honorary member of the crew. It was pure hilarity because Cera had to work so hard to look like a douche, but he still couldn’t pull it off. The guys from “Jersey Shore” make being an a-hole look so easy.

What do you think of Michael Cera’s new look?