This week “Heroes” returned with two new back to back episodes entitled, “Upon this Rock” and “Let it Bleed.” The show picks up with Claire getting more familiar with Samuel and his carny folk, and an incoherent Hiro running the streets of Japan. It also touches on the aftermath of Nathan’s traumatic death and the return of a pissed off and confused Sylar. But here’s a question, when is Sylar NOT pissed off?

Here’s our review…

The Players:

  • Director: Ron Underwood (“Upon This Rock”), Jeannot Szwarc (“Let It Bleed”)
  • Writers: Tim Kring
  • Actors: Milo Ventimiglia, Hayden Panettiere, Zachary Quinto, Masi Oka, James Kyson Lee, Jack Coleman, Robert Knepper, Deanne Bray, Ray Park

Series Premise:

“Heroes” follows a group of regular people who discover that they have special abilities that separate them from everyone else in the world. Some choose to hide their gifts, others try to use them for evil, and a rare few choose to use their powers for a greater good.

Episode Summary:

Once again Claire (Panettiere) finds herself at the epicenter of danger when she becomes more immersed into the world of the Carnival. She becomes suspicious of Samuel and his motives and decides to do detective work to find out why he’s so interested in her. Samuel’s latest scheme involves getting his hands on Emma (Bray) and her ability so she could help him seek out more gifted people.

On the other side of the world, Hiro (Oka) has his own troubles to deal with, and is unable to communicate with Ando (Kyson Lee) without speaking through sci-fi, pop culture references. Meanwhile, Sylar (Quinto) returns to the Carnival to find out what the hell happened to him, and Peter (Ventimiglia) is still in a fragile state after Nathan’s fourth and final death. Elsewhere, Noah (Coleman) sets his plan in motion to take down Samuel and his carny brethren, with the help of the exiled Edgar (Park).

The Good:

  • The Joseph and Samuel Flashbacks: For a few minutes we got to see a younger Samuel feeling awkward and inadequate at the hands of his older brother. It was refreshing to see his character in such a fragile state, and not always ready to pounce. Plus the younger actor’s accents were a lot more tolerable than what we hear from Knepper every week.
  • Nathan’s Funeral: Nathan’s final goodbye looked like the real deal. The entire military approach, with the soldiers and the jets flying overhead was flawless. I’m convinced they used real military men because their movements were so in sync with one another.
  • Samuel Giving Sylar Harvey Dent Face: When Sylar returned to the Carnival he was pissed off, and had every right to be. When he attacked Samuel at his trailer, the carny leader decided to use his powers of the earth to give Sylar a major lesson in microdermabrasion. Was it just me or did he look just like Harvey Dent/Two-Face in The Dark Knight after that incident?
  • Peter’s Mourning: Peter and Nathan’s relationship has always been the heart of the show, and towards the end of the second episode you could see that Peter was falling apart. When he said that he didn’t want to mourn because it would make Nathan’s death real, I nearly shed a tear. It was one of the most sincere moments the show has produced in a very long time.

The Bad:

  • Hiro: Hiro annoys me to no end. Unlike the rest of the country, I’m not charmed by him at all. He’s not endearing he’s just irritating. His scenes were pure torture to watch. His shtick is getting pretty old, when are they going to do something amazing with his character?
  • Claire at the Center of it All: I liked the fact that the multiple man rip-off at the Carnival continued to call Claire Nancy Drew, because that’s all she is. She spent the entire first episode trying to find out what Samuel was up to, then the second half she decided to find out what was up with Peter. Not to mention once again she’s Sylar’s new obsession. This girl is not the be all, end all of this show!

Did You Catch That?

  • In the middle of his confusing conversation with Ando, Hiro gave his friend a clue by referencing the X-Men training facility, The Danger Room and what he incorrectly called the ” X-Mansion.” OK Tim Kring, you’ve finally decided to recognize the source material for the show, you get a slow clap for that one.
  • After Nathan’s funeral, Claire and Peter went into the kitchen and told the caterers they could take a break. He and Claire then began to chop up food, even though neither of them washed their hands. Do we even need to mention how Claire cut her finger, and didn’t put on gloves after the fact? We know this is TV, but come on.


The first episode in this two header bored me to tears. It was mostly Claire and Hiro in their respective locations trying to piece together a mystery. That’s an hour we can never get back. The second part was a bit more interesting and had some emotional pull to it with Nathan’s death at the core. It was definitely worth the time of day.

Rating: 6/10

“Heroes” airs Monday nights on NBC, and will move to its new time at 9pm starting January 11, 2010.

Food For Thought:

  • In last night’s episodes we saw Samuel use someone’s power to make the desert valley, green and full of life. What do you think he’ll do with the new land?
  • What sick and twisted angle do you think they’ll take with Sylar and Claire now that he’s discovered his future is with her?

The Clips:

Upon This Rock and Let It Bleed Promo

Upon This Rock Intro