Breaking news has just been released regarding the unwanted remake of the sci-fi film, Dune. After director Peter Berg jumped ship last October, Paramount was put in the uncomfortable situation. The film was left in limbo until they could find someone to properly take over the project, and according to Entertainment Weekly they have.

Sources are stating that Pierre Morel will take on directing duties for the Dune remake after Peter Berg decided to concentrate on his adaptation of Battleship. With a new director on board, a new vision will be implemented for the film. Morel plans on staying extremely faithful to the original 1965 book by Frank Herbert from which the Dune series was based. Paramount will also take the necessary steps to make the transition from Berg easier by incorporating Morel’s vision with the script that was already written by Quantum of Solace scribe Josh Zetumer.

Morel is best known for his sleeper hit Taken, that featured Liam Neeson as a vigilante father seeking justice for his kidnapped daughter. For him to make the leap from that to a highly coveted sci-fi fantasy film will be an interesting move on his part. Many people weren’t fond of the Dune remake when Berg was attached, so lets see how the tide changes once Morel’s name gets out there.

Do you think Morel has what it takes to pull off Dune?