The Hurt Locker continues to destroy the competition by adding another critics award to its growing mantle. The National Society of Film Critics selected the Kathryn Bigelow war drama as their top film of 2009. The film has become the golden child of award’s season and took home three of the top honors the group had to offer.

The National Society of Film Critics is composed of critics from some of the country’s top publications, and they all decided to show love to Bigelow and her little engine that could. Not only was Locker honored as the best film of the year, but Bigelow earned her 1,347th Best Director award, and Jeremy Renner was named Best Lead Actor. Some of the other major winners included Yolande Moreau who was named Best Lead Actress for her work in the French film Seraphine, while Mo’Nique and Christoph Waltz took home the prize for their supporting work in Precious and Inglourious Basterds respectively.

The Coen Brothers also got a bone thrown their way (not that they don’t have plenty already) for their film A Serious Man, when they won Best Screenplay. The National Film Critics are falling in line with every other awards ceremony, society, and group that’s given their two cents over this past year. The Golden Globes will take place in a couple of weeks and then it’s on to the Oscar red carpet. How much do you want to bet that the majority of the winners here will make an appearance on Hollywood’s biggest night?

Do you agree with the National Film Critics picks for 2009?

Source: Yahoo