With the new year comes a new batch of development rumors regarding the latest happenings in Hollywood. This story centers on two powerhouse actors Denzel Washington and Will Smith, possibly joining forces for a remake of the Sidney Poitier flick, Uptown Saturday Night. Can you dig that?

According to Pajiba, they’ve got word from an inside source that two time Oscar winner Washington will partner with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in a remake of the buddy comedy that previously starred Poitier and Bill Cosby. That’s right people, Bill Cosby used to get down with his bad self back in the day before he got became Dr. Huxtable.

Back in 2002, Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment purchased the rights to remake Uptown Saturday Night with the intention of it being a star vehicle for the actor. Since then the project stayed in development hell until last month when Warner Bros. began to put the project back in motion.

The remake has been sent out for rewrites, but has yet to find someone to take on the task. Therefore this entire project might be up in the air in terms of if or when it will actually happen. If you’ve never seen the original film, it centers on two friends who meet up at a nightclub and get robbed for their wallets. They later discover that one of them had a winning lottery ticket and they spend the rest of the movie trying to find it.

The casting of Washington and Smith in this type of movie sounds like a less action oriented version of Rush Hour, but with better actors.

Do you think Warner Bros should fast track the Uptown Saturday Night remake?