tim roth the incredible hulk

Over the past year we’ve been stalking Edward Norton for the smallest clue on whether or not he’ll reprise his role as Bruce Banner/Hulk in future Marvel movies. For the most part the actor has stayed mum on the subject but his Incredible Hulk co-star Tim Roth recently told MTV that he’s open to do more projects, and is signed on to appear in two more films.

Roth starred in Louis Letterier‘s Incredible Hulk as the villain simply called, The Abomination. He was a physically and mentally unstable character that Roth enjoyed bringing to the big screen. Apparently he’s had a few conversations with Marvel about returning to the role in more movies. There are already three future projects in development Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers, so the question is where would he go?

“What they’re doing now is … putting these characters together in different ways,” he added. “With the Sam Jackson thing, and having [Robert Downey Jr.] come in at the end of Incredible Hulk was the first clue to that — and I don’t know if they want to bring [Blonsky] back, but I told them I’m absolutely game for it. It would be so much fun to do it again. I’m in it for three.”

Iron Man 2 is in post-production and will hit theaters next May. Fans have been trying to figure out if Norton would make a cameo at the end of the film similar to how Downey did in Hulk. The actor denies any involvement with the movie, but perhaps someone from Thor will pop up instead? Or maybe Roth will appear as a reconstructed human version of his character? He’s down for two more films so the possibilities are endless.

Do you think Tim Roth should return for a sequel? How would Abomination fit in with the Avengers story?