Nine - Daniel Day-Lewis is Sad

The Weinstein Company has been at the center of a heated debate over their latest release, Nine. The film recently received several Golden Globe nominations including Best Musical/Comedy and Best Actor for Daniel Day Lewis, but it’s left general audiences cold. The film opened in limited release on December 18th and wide on Christmas Day to little fanfare. Rumors began circulating that the Weinsteins might pull the movie out of theaters due to the public’s lack of interest, but according to the studio that’s not the case.

Currently Nine is playing on 1,412 screens and according to David Glasser, an operations executive for the Weinstein Company, it’s going to stay that way. There hasn’t been any revised deal between the studio or the theater chains to cut back on availability due to lack of sales. Even though the Weinsteins are putting on a brave face during this financial disaster, industry insiders say the cash strapped company needed this film to be a success, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened.

Even though it received five Golden Globe nods, the overall critical response to the film has been lukewarm. According to Larry Gerbrandt, principal with Media Valuation Partners the box office blunder was a major blow to the Weinstein’s financial strategy.

“(Weinstein) really needed this to work. I don’t know if the blow is fatal or not, but this is certainly a setback,” he said of the box office figures.”

Nine boasts of Oscar winners from the past and present, but the big names and catchy tunes haven’t been enough to solidify a box office following. Perhaps the studio should have released it around Thanksgiving like they originally planned? It sounds like my box office prediction was correct. The bump to December really was commercial suicide.

Have you seen Nine in theaters yet? Does it deserve all the bad press?

Source: Yahoo