patrick stewart

Earlier today we told you that director Peter Jackson would be knighted in his native New Zealand due to his positive impact on the film industry. Now, according to CNN, Patrick Stewart will FINALLY get his due. The British actor has been selected for knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II and her Cabinet Office.

Stewart is 69 years old and has a distinguished career that spans film, television and most importantly the stage. The Yorkshire native is best known for his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation, but has found a legion of new fans in the past decade. The actor originated the role of Professor Charles Xavier in the live action adaptation of X-Men, and does regular voice work on the popular Seth McFarlane show, American Dad.

This honor has been a long time coming, and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. Stewart has always been a consummate professional in the entertainment industry even before his work on Star Trek. As a long time fan, it’s great to see him finally get his just desserts, because he’s earned this title fair and square. When it’s all said and done, Stewart will join the ranks of Michael Caine, Ridley Scott, and frequent collaborator Ian McKellen as “Sir” Patrick.

Congratulations Mr. Stewart!

Are you surprised that it’s taken this long for Patrick Stewart to receive knighthood?