Rapunzel Photo Close Up

A few months back we heard that Disney was gearing up to produce an animated feature of the fairytale Rapunzel. A new image has popped up on the website disneypixar.fr, and it’s a scan from the magazine Studio Cinelive. As you’ll see, this is no 2-D Princess and the Frog animation, nor is it the tale of a weak, fragile Rapunzel. This version’s quite the spitfire…

Disney’s new Rapunzel picks up with the princess, famous for her 70 feet of golden hair, after she’s been stolen from her parents’ castle as an infant and imprisoned. Now a teenager, she escapes and goes on the run with a bandit as her captor pursues them. The princess is voiced by singer turned actress Mandy Moore who previously stated her enthusiasm about being a part of Disney history. She describes her version of the character as “the quintessential sassy, feisty Disney heroine. She’s quite modern, quite a curious girl as well.”

This photo from the film shows us just how mischievous Rapunzel will be, with this image of her and the “dashing bandit” Flynn Ryder who’s voiced by Chuck’s Zachary Levi. Even though I’m excited to see a more independent take on this character, Princess and the Frog spoiled me with the resurgence of 2-D animation. We should have known it wouldn’t last long.

Here’s the full photo…

Rapunzel Photo

Rapunzel is scheduled to drop in theaters on November 24, 2010.

What do you think of the CGI version of Rapunzel?