tim allen crazy on the outside

Fellow Michigan native Tim Allen will always have a soft spot in my heart due to his roles in the TV series “Home Improvement” and the most underrated comedy ever, Galaxy Quest. In recent years the actor has had some ups and downs with his film career including The Santa Claus franchise, and the surprise hit Wild Hogs. Now he’s taking on a new role behind the scenes with his directorial debut, Crazy on the Outside.

Crazy on the Outside opens in theaters on January 8th, and will put a lot on the line for the actor turned director. Allen went to great lengths to understand his new gig, read plenty of books, and even consulted Kevin Costner for advice. Even though there’s a lot of nervous energy behind it, Allen stated that he’s proud of the finished product that features some of his friends and former co-stars. Sigourney Weaver and Ray Liotta both appear in the movie and have previously co-starred with Allen in Galaxy Quest and Wild Hogs respectively.

The film centers on Allen’s character being released from prison and follows him as he deals with life post-incarceration. Weaver plays his sister, Liotta his former partner in crime, Julie Bowen his ex-flame and Kelsey Grammer her fiance. You have to admit that the combination of Bowen and Grammer is kind of odd. Not only is the age difference out of control, but I keep thinking about “Frasier” versus “Ed,” and that’s not a good look.

After doing several preview screenings of the film, Allen told one audience during an introduction,

“Two years of my life I put together a movie. Please sit back and enjoy it. If you love it, tell everybody. If you don’t like it, tell everybody that it’s the new Tom Hanks movie.”

There’s that Toy Story connection coming through loud and clear. It sounds like Allen put a lot of time, effort, and energy into making Crazy on the Outside and hopefully when it debuts moviegoers will see that in the finished product.

Are you interested in seeing Allen’s directorial debut? What do you think of the cast involved?

Source: Yahoo