ryan-reynolds-and-sam-worthington flash gordon

At some point the super hero rumors surrounding Ryan Reynolds have to cease and desist. He can not play every good guy in the universe and neither can Sam Worthington. Both actors are fun to watch but their monopoly on the action genre is getting a little old. Today the internet has been buzzing with the rumor that both actors are in the running to star in the reboot of Flash Gordon

Over at Hollywood Scoop they’re reporting that Aussie actor Worthington is in the running for the title role in the Flash Gordon remake. According to their source, he and superhero magnet Ryan Reynolds along with a few unnamed actors are on a short list to take on the lead if the project moves forward. The character of Flash Gordon is described as a handsome polo player, Yale graduate, and all-American hero, which is a mild conflict considering one actor’s from down under and the other is Canadian.

Nothing against Worthington, but he’s had his fair share of iconic iconic action roles from Terminator Salvation to Clash of the Titans to Avatar, so at this point he needs a rest. As for Reynolds, if he goes anywhere near this film it  may cause the world to implode. He’s already starring as Deadpool, Green Lantern, and is the top choice to play another red and gold hero, The Flash. Hollywood needs to stop with the laziness and get some more options. There are plenty of unknown actors out there with talent that could take on this character.

Do you think Worthington or Reynolds could star as Flash Gordon? What other actors should they consider?