war machine

Ever since the debut of the first teaser trailer for Iron Man 2, fans of the franchise have been longing for more. The main reason has nothing to do with Tony Stark, but the transformation of James Rhodes into his sidekick War Machine. We get a quick glimpse of the hero towards the end of the trailer and his character looks very promising. MTV recently caught up with Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada and he revealed that War Machine will be everything we want and more…

In Iron Man 2 the role of Rhodey will be taken over from Terrence Howard by another Oscar nominated actor, Don Cheadle. The first film hinted at the emergence of War Machine when Rhodey stared down Stark’s hidden artillery of suits, and stated the infamous line, “next time, baby!” That next time is here, and we’ll finally get to see him go from a simple servant of his country to War Machine. Here’s what Quesada had to say about the character’s role in Iron Man 2

“[Don] Cheadle is one of the greatest living American actors, what do you expect?” said Quesada of the actor playing War Machine’s alter ego, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, in the blockbuster sequel. “I think fans are going to love it — especially fans of War Machine — and he does kick some major ass.”

It sounds like we’re going to see a lot of sh*t get blown to kingdom come! Following the 2010 release of Iron Man 2, the next piece of the Avengers puzzle will come from Kenneth Branagh‘s Thor. The character is possibly the most fantastical member of the team and carries the most concern from fans.

“I’ve sat through the story meetings and sat with Branagh,” said Quesada. “The character is in tremendous hands. Branagh understand the mythology and what he doesn’t understand, he’s asking questions about — in particular, the comic book mythology. He’s really immersed himself in it. It’s going to be pretty epic, and regardless of what you think it’s going to be, it’s going to surprise people,” he added. “It’s an interesting piece for a superhero movie. It’s going to change the conventions of the superhero movie.”

Much like Jon Favreau‘s Iron Man and Christopher Nolan‘s Batman, Branagh’s Thor will feature a slew of award winning actors who happen to star in a comic book movie. Even though the character’s history is a bit far fetched in comparison to the other heroes, it can be adapted in a believable manner. Iron Man 2 hits theaters on May 7, 2010, while Thor will drop on May 20, 2011.

Do you think War Machine will see a lot of action in Iron Man 2? Will Thor be a worthy follow up in the Avengers franchise?