book of eli book of stunts

Allen and Albert Hughes latest film The Book of Eli, stars Denzel Washington in a way we’ve never seen him before. The film will debut in theaters on January 15th and features several veteran actors such as Gary Oldman, Jennifer Beals, and even Malcolm McDowell. The action sequences in the film are all performed by Washington without the help of excessive special effects or tricky editing. The following featurette shows you the preparation that went into those intricate scenes…

The Book of Eli centers on a man and his journey to protect a sacred book, which he believes can redeem the post apocalyptic society he lives in. While on his mission he must protect it from the many evil forces that want to use its power for selfish reasons. His main opposition comes in the form of Oldman and his group of followers who are willing to do anything and kill anyone to get the book.

This behind the scenes video includes interviews from the film’s directors as well as Washington and the award winning stunt choreographers. You see first hand the amount of technique and training that had to go into each fight scene, and most importantly how much of it Washington did himself. Not bad for a man who’s well into his fifties!

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What do you think of Washington’s fighting style in The Book of Eli? Are you surprised by how much he did himself?