Over the past few months all superhero news has centered on Iron Man 2 and Thor, but we’ve finally got an update regarding the leader of the Avengers team, Captain America. The film will be directed by Wolfman helmer, Joe Johnston and will be an adaptation of the popular Marvel comic of the same name. Over at Fangoria, they managed to get some dirt on when the film will begin production, and it’s a lot sooner than many of us thought.

The First Avenger: Captain America‘s release date was already established for July 22, 2011 so the question has always been when will production start. In the middle of an interview with the director, an interesting piece of info was picked up regarding the film’s time line.

“By the time I got on a plane and arrived, it was three,” recalls Johnston, speaking from the art department of THE FIRST AVENGER: CAPTAIN AMERICA, which he’s readying for a June start. “But at that point, what kind of difference can a week make?”

Since Johnston is dealing with the pre-production details of the film, it’s safe to say it’s out of the development stage. With 2010 at our door Iron Man 2 is already in the can, and Thor‘s set to start production in a couple months. It was only a matter of time before Captain America would have to get down to business. Thor will hit theaters a mere two months before The First Avenger so Johnston and company need to get on the ball.

Who do you think should take on the lead role in Captain America?