Avatar leads record breaking weekend

The doubt that everyone had about James Cameron’s Avatar is slowly disappearing as the film continues to dominate the box office. Over the holiday Avatar topped the highest grossing weekend of all time followed by Warner Bros’ Sherlock Holmes and the other Fox giant, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.

According to Bloomberg, Hollywood has posted its largest grossing weekend with a total of $278 million dollars in box office receipts. The numbers are mostly due to the success of the big three, Avatar, Holmes, and Alvin who helped push U.S. ticket sales to a whole other level. For the first time in the industry’s history, it’s surpassed the 10 billion dollar mark thanks to higher tickets prices, higher movie attendance, and the resurgence of the 3-D trend.

Avatar debuted in theaters on December 18th with 77 million dollars, and held steady with another 75 the following week. It also broke another solo record, with one of the biggest 3-D film openings of all time. Not to take away from its achievements, but we have to look at its financial success from all angles. One of the major reasons Avatar has been able to generate so much money to beat out the competition, like Sherlock Holmes is because of its huge IMAX audience. IMAX tickets cost more, and the venues have been highly recommended as the only way to view the film and all its motion captured glory. You can’t half-ass Avatar, you go hard or go home.

Less than two weeks into its successful theatrical run, the production budget for Avatar still hasn’t been released. But something tells me that Fox has earned back their money and then some. The highest projected cost that’s been floating around is half a billion dollars, and the film has already surpassed that amount globally. It’s brought in over 615 million world wide in less than 15 days, could the 1 billion dollar mark be in Avatar‘s future? Watch out Dark Knight a blue cat-like alien is on your cowl.

Do you think Avatar could take down The Dark Knight or even Cameron’s previous film Titanic?