Top 5 Christmas Movies

Over time, Hollywood has viewed the Christmas holiday as a prime opportunity to make money. The seasonal films used to be classy and family oriented, but as the years past they got more and more graphic. The days of It’s A Wonderful Life and The Bishop’s Wife are long gone and we’ve been forced to deal with some of the tackiest movies ever produced. If you’re in the mood to stir the pot at the next holiday gathering, there are certain films that are guaranteed to cause a raucous. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the Top 5 Christmas Movies to Scare Your Family With. Pay attention…

Bad Santa - Theatrical Poster 22-12-09 kc

5. Bad Santa

Bad Santa is exactly what the title implies. The film stars Billy Bob Thornton as a conman who only works once a year, and that’s during the holiday season. He and his dwarf partner pose as Santa Clause and an elf at local department stores, but they don’t do it out of the goodness of their hearts. They plan on manipulating their positions to rob the joints. Bad Santa isn’t a family film, so keep it away from the little ones and the elderly. Their sensitive souls might not be able to take Thornton’s foul mouth and questionable behavior.

Bad Santa - Billy Bob Thornton as Santa Bad Santa - Santa With The Kids Bad Santa - Theatrical Poster

Gremlins - Good vs Evil

4. Gremlins

A lot of people don’t consider Gremlins to be a straight up horror movie because of the lovey, dovey relationship between Gizmo and Zach Galligan’s character, Billy. Sorry, but this film is found in the horror/comedy section of your local video store, deal with it. The movie centers on a young man’s pet Mogwai, and the three rules he must follow while it’s in his care. It can’t be exposed to water, bright lights, or have food after midnight. Do you think he followed those directions to the letter? No! We all quickly learned that gremlins don’t die, they multiply and kill in the process.

Gremlins - Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates Gremlins - Gizmo Gremlins - Good vs Evil

Jack Frost - Jack vs The Cops

3. Jack Frost

This is one of those films that will get you in some serious trouble if you don’t research it first. This is Jack Frost from 1996, not to be confused with the 1998 family film starring Michael Keaton. This version is a B horror movie, that centers on a killer snowman (I can’t believe I just typed that) who terrorizes a small town during Christmas. He even manages to rape and murder a young and unsuspecting Shannon Elizabeth in a bathtub. That visual alone should strike you with fear and confusion.

Jack Frost - There's a Snow Man Behind You Jack Frost - The Evil Snow Man Jack Frost - Jack vs The Cops

Don't Open Till Christmas - A Killer's on the Loose

2. Don’t Open Till Christmas

This movie actually turns against the Santa Claus lore in a really bad way. The jolly men in red suits are the victims of an obsessed serial killer who’s taking them out one by one. They each die in gross and heinous ways that aren’t for the weak at heart. Don’t Open Till Christmas’ tagline is “…t’was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…they were all dead!” That statement should be self-explanatory. The flick was released back in 1984 and has a campy vibe, but the production quality is horrible, and so is the acting. No one wins when they watch this movie. No one.

Don't Open Till Christmas - Santa's Scared Don't Open Till Christmas - Mrs. Clause Gets it Too Don't Open Till Christmas - A Killer's on the Loose

Black Christmas - Margot Kidder Gets It

1. Black Christmas

This movie should come as no surprise, since it is one of the many low budget masterpieces that came out of the 1970′s. Black Christmas 1974, featured a promising group of young actresses including Lois Lane herself Margot Kidder. The film’s premise centers on a group of college girls who are trapped in their sorority house during Christmas break. A killer makes himself comfortable in their attic, makes obscene phone calls, and begins to kill them all one by one. If that wasn’t enough, in the midst of that there’s an underlying abortion story brewing. If you don’t want to start a political argument at the dinner table this might not be the best pick of the night.

Black Christmas - Olivia Hussey Gets a Call Black Christmas - Somebody Can't Breathe Black Christmas - Margot Kidder Gets It

What’s the scariest Christmas movie you’ve ever scene? What terrifying film should have made the list?