Nine: Kate Hudson and Daniel-Day Lewis

Remember walking out of Chicago singing “And all that jazz…” like you were Catherine Zeta Jones sliding across the floor in a sequenced outfits? Well Nine, will have you belting “Be Italian!!!” as you strut your sexiest walk and imagine taunting young boys with your seductive eyes. The film is a fun ride, and not without its charm, but that’s mainly due to its stellar A-list cast and not its music or script.

Let’s take a look…

The Players:

The Good:

  • The Idea: I love a movie being made, about a movie being made. When its done right it can add a comedic layer to the film that makes you feel like you’re on the inside of a very intimate and yet public joke. For the most part, they played with this well and were able to milk a lot of comedy out of the situation.
  • The Visuals: The lighting, the sets, the designs, were all very theatrical, and because it is after all a musical it definitely helped add to the feel of the film.
  • Acting: The casting for the film was spot on. From Penelope Cruz being the out of control lover, to Kate Hudson playing the annoying American reporter, and the Academy Award winners taking the stage to sing their hearts out, every actor felt perfect for his/her role.
  • Fergie: Although all the actresses did a great job singing, Fergie can really stood out of the pack. Aside from her putting on some weight for the role (which looked gorgeous on her) she had the most presence during her number. She had intensity, strength, and you got why men (or boys) would pay to see her do her thing .
  • “Be Italian”: An amazing song that you’ll be humming long after. The only sad part is that it’s the ONLY song you’ll be humming long after.

The Bad:

  • The Length: The film felt WAY too long. I thought we were nearing the three hour mark as it was closing but it barely crossed 90 minutes. Perhaps it should have been called “Five” instead of “Nine” so that there didn’t have to be so many numbers.
  • The Numbers: There were way too many numbers that all felt way too fragmented. Although they technically did have a connection you felt like you were simply waiting for the next number to start, and as it kept going on and on, all you could hope for was for them to end.
  • Not Catchy: Aside from “Be Italian” the song that’s in the trailer, none of the other ones stuck. Perhaps it would have made a better music video than a film?

Rating: 6.9/10

Nine will be opening wide Christmas Day!


It has some great moments but overall it doesn’t come together as well as it should, and feels more like several music videos than one complete thought.



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