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Come one, come all and feast your eyes on Terry Gilliam’s masterpiece of the mind, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus starring, an immortal down on his luck, a clever devil, and many trouble-making minions who always seem to cause problems whenever they try to solve something. For those of you coming into this world with a sense of doubt or cynicism, put it aside and let the wild creativity wash over you and you will not be disappointed.

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The Players:

The Good:

  • The Creativity: There’s no doubt, that the reason you should see this film is that it is one of the most creative and inspiring films you’ll see all year.
  • The Colors: One of the best parts about a Gilliam film is that you can sit back and let it wash over you like a painting. Every scene could be frozen and put in a museum as a piece of art.
  • Playing “Tony”: With five of Hollywood’s most prominent and sexy leading men, it was definitely a battle for the best portrayal of “Tony.” Leading the way is of course Heath Ledger who will honestly blow you away. He’s the perfect mixture of charming and conniving and you never know if you should trust him or punch him. For those who followed, it was definite;y a competition as to who could match his phenomenal performance. Johnny Depp definitely comes in a close second with Colin not far behind and Jude at the end.
  • Acting: Christopher Plumber and Tom Waits are both stellar as polar opposites who share a common love for gambling. Lily Cole and Andrew Garfield both put in solid performances and their looks were perfect for their roles.
  • The Costumes: From the costumes for the performances to those “behind the mirror” they are some of the most beautiful and creative costumes you’ll ever see on screen. The colors and layers are what bring out the vintage and authentic feel that the film was in need of.
  • The Adjustments: As we all know, things didn’t always go right during the making of this film, with the passing of Heath they were left in a position that would have shut many productions down. Not only did the adjustments work, but if you didn’t know what happened behind the scenes you would never guess that the story was meant to be any other way.
  • Rules to the World: When creating a magical world, it’s imperative that you create a set of rules for that world to revolved around. At first it’s hard to gather that anything in the film could be tamed, but then you realize, it is. Everything has a reason, has its place, and if you pay attention to the madness, it actually makes sense.

The So-So:

  • Vern: His acting skills were far below his colleagues. He’s entertaining but is in no way at the same level of the performances of those around him.
  • Story: Gilliam is often criticized for his stories, I never have a problem with them. If you want plot, you’re in the wrong theater. What’s important to him is the experience. I will say that this story was not perfect, but pretty well put together.


If you’re a Gilliam fan, you won’t be disappointed. It’s absolutely gorgeous to watch and was meant to wash over you like an daydream that flies into your head, makes enough sense for the moment, and then moves on to a new thought without hesitation.

Rating 8.5/10

In theaters on Christmas day!



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