Vision Quest Taylor Lautner

Someone needs to stop the insanity that is Taylor Lautner. Summit Entertainment has created a monster, because this kid is everywhere. He’s already in the running to headline two action oriented films, including a live action adaptation of Max Steele. Now, the actor has jumped over to remake territory to try his hand at the eighties flick, Vision Quest.

Who remembers Vision Quest? It was one of the many sports oriented films of the eighties that featured Matthew Modine as a high school wrestler who falls in love with a slightly older woman. The film was a cult classic and featured an awesome soundtrack led by Madonna‘s tune “Crazy For You.” We’re hearing through the grapevine that Lautner is in negotiations to star in an updated version of the film according to EOnline.

I can understand Lautner wanting to capitalize on his Twilight heat while he’s got it, but this is a bit far-fetched. Even though his body has gone through some severe changes, he still has a baby face. In the original film Modine’s love interest was Linda Fiorentino who was only a couple of years older than his character, and in reality the actress was only a year older than Modine. Who could play the older woman opposite Lautner? How could they possibly remake this movie without it being a complete disaster?

Do you think Lautner is the best choice to fill Modine’s wrestling shoes?