It's Complicated: Meryl Streep and Alex Baldwin

There are romantic comedies and then there are romantic comedies. It’s one of the most over-done, cliched genres out there, but when done right and lead by some of the best actors currently gracing the silver screen, they can be worth your while. Although It’s Complicated is not the best film of the year, there are plenty of great moments that make it the perfect, easy to watch, comedy for the Holidays…

The Players:

The Good:

  • Alex Baldwin: The larger he gets the funnier he gets. The man just can’t miss.
  • John Krasinski: It was rather odd to see him in a smaller supporting role when he could easily be leading his own romantic comedy, but once you see him, you realize why he was the BEST man for the job. Every moment he was on screen he shined. He has amazing comedic and certain scenes between him and Baldwin were what gave the film its humor.
  • The Overall Story: It’s a romantic comedy but it’s got some fun twists and is not entirely cliched. The first 20 minutes were a bit slow, but once they started “complicating” things the build up was well done.
  • The Streeper: Still sexy and yet vulnerable when needed. It’s lovely to see a woman of her age playing the lead in a romantic film. At times I wish they would have stopped bringing up her age. It’s a love story, she’s beautiful, leave it at that…

The Bad:

  • It Starts Slow: As I said above, the first twenty minutes of the film feel forced and have a different (and much less funny) tone than the rest of the film. The set up needed to be 2-5 minutes so that they could get to the good stuff faster.
  • The Girl Talks: The story itself has enough girl power, we don’t need women talking to women for ages about women…. And if you are going to have them do that, make sure it’s funny for more than just the actors in the scene.
  • The Music: Now, Hans can deliver a good score, but the film did verge on the edge of cheesiness sometimes and the music didn’t help. Perhaps it was the directors choice, I don’t know, but playful without cliches is needed.


It’s a sweet film with a few very funny moments. It could have used a bit more humor and less “girl talk” but overall it was a solid, east to watch romantic comedy.

Rating: 6.5/10

Check out the film in theaters December 25th!

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