21 jump street cloudy directors 21-12-09 kc

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything regarding the feature film adaptation of 21 Jump Street, but recently some big news broke. According to multiple sources, the studio has a couple of directors in mind and they’re the same guys behind last summer’s animated hit, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.

Most of us who were fans of the original TV series are against this remake. It was a cult classic that launched the career of Johnny Depp and made him a household name. The first time we heard anything about the film was last year, when development talk sprung up between Fox and actor Jonah Hill. Hill wants to make it an R-rated action flick that’s a mix between Bad Boys and a John Hughes comedy.

Now, we’re hearing that not one, but two directors are in talks to helm the film, and their best known for working in the field of animation. Phil Lord and Chris Miller are in negotiations to direct the Jump Street remake that will center on a group of young cops who use their baby faces to infiltrate juvenile crime organizations. They typically go undercover as teenagers and college students to get close to the underage sources of various crimes.

The fact that the 21 Jump Street movie is still moving forward is scary. The only way I’ll give this film half a chance is if Johnny Depp makes a cameo. You can’t produce this movie without him showing up in some capacity, can you?

How do you feel about the 21 Jump Street remake? Do you think Johnny Depp will pop up in the movie version?

Source: Variety