amanda seyfried big love

Rising starlet Amanda Seyfried has made a very important decision in her career, she’s opted to leave the HBO series Big Love. According to TVGuide, the actress will exit the show to pursue her film career full time. This shouldn’t come as a shock to fans of the series because Seyfried has become a hot commodity since her star turning role in Mamma Mia.

According to Big Love creator Will Scheffer, Seyfried’s character Sarah will be written out at the end of the upcoming fourth season. She’ll get married in the third episode and will completely leave the flock by the eighth of the nine new episodes. Scheffer and the rest of the cast and crew are supportive of Seyfried’s decision to leave and are well aware of her available opportunities in film.

“She’s been exploring her movie career for a couple of years now, and we’ve been giving her a lot of room to do that. I know having a commitment to a show for six months definitely cuts into her ability to pursue that career.”

At least he realizes that she was going to leave the show sooner than later. Nothing against Big Love, but the show cost the actress a major film role because they wouldn’t give her time off. She was the first choice to star as the lead in Zack Snyder‘s upcoming all girl action flick, Sucker Punch but couldn’t take it due to scheduling conflicts with the show. It would only be a matter of time before she jumped ship.

Do you think Big Love will suffer once Seyfried leaves? Do you think she’s making the right decision?