Crazy Heart Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges‘ career spans almost half a century, and the actor is experiencing one of the best years of his life. Bridges has won multiple awards for his performance in the indie drama, Crazy Heart, and is a Best Actor favorite this award’s season. He’s been working steadily for decades, but the actor has never won an Oscar or a Golden Globe for his work. Could 2009 be the year to break that curse?

This year has been a major success for Bridges thanks to his role in the Tender Mercies-esque drama, Crazy Heart. The actor stars as a down on his luck country singer who drinks a little too much and has been married too many times. The actor has garnered lots of praise for his performance in the film, which some believe will solidify his attendance at this year’s Oscars. Bridges has already been previously nominated four times for his performances in The Last Picture Show, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Starman, and The Contender.

In Crazy Heart, the actor gives a heart wrenching performance that would make the most jaded movie snob break into tears. With such a successful career under his belt, one might wonder how Bridges has stayed relevant for so long. He recently revealed to USA Today, that his decision making process isn’t as complex as you might think.

“That decision-making process about what you’re going to do is an interesting one,” Bridges says. “How do I describe it, it’s uh … I’m attracted to what I’m afraid of, and I’m afraid of what I’m attracted to. It kind of goes on at the same time.

Whatever the method to his madness, it’s working. He’s swept multiple critic awards in the Best Actor category, and recently got nominated for his fourth Golden Globe. If everything goes according to plan, the actor could finally win his first Oscar nearly forty years after his first nomination. Bridges is a rare talent who can do comedy, drama, action, and horror with no problem. It’s time for him to get his due, don’t you agree?

Do you think Jeff Bridges deserves to win an Oscar for Crazy Heart?