taylor lautner lands new movie role

Taylor Lautner continues to capitalize off his new found fame by making as many movie deals as possible. First, he signed on to star in the big screen adaptation of the toy turned cartoon, Max Steel and now he’s taken on another action flick. Twilight‘s home studio Summit Entertainment has tapped the actor to headline their latest big budget project.

The studio recently acquired an untitled action script that’s being described as Taken mixed with Die Hard. Lautner will star in the lead role as an athletic teenager who’s sports dreams are shattered after an extensive injury. He tries to move on with his life when he goes off to college, which is where he meets a girl who convinces him to go on a Spring Break trip to Cancun. The trip turns deadly when one by one the teens come up missing. It turns out that the students have been kidnapped and ransomed for the freedom of a drug cartel leader about to be extradited. At that point, Lautner jumps in and uses his warrior skills to rescue them.

Taylor’s dad, Dan Lautner will be on board to produce the film with their production company Tailer Made Entertainment. It’s a smart move for the young actor to jump on as many opportunities as he can, while the iron is hot. But on paper the premise for this film sounds like a bad action parody. Lautner is trained in martial arts so I can understand him wanting to showcase that in a film, but this sounds too funny. There’s no doubt in my mind that Team Jacob will be all over this.

What do you think about Lautner’s latest film role?

Source: Variety