The Bounty Hunter Trailer

The trailer for the latest Jennifer Aniston film, The Bounty Hunter has hit the web. It’s the actresses 1,854th romantic comedy, co-stars Gerard Butler, and is directed by Andy Tennant, the same guy who brought you the Will Smith flick Hitch. After watching this trailer you’ll quickly realize there’s nothing romantic or comedic about this film…

The film centers on a bounty hunter (Butler) who’s hired to track down a woman who happens to be his ex-wife, as played by Jennifer Aniston. Aniston’s character is unaware that her ex wants to throw her in jail, which is where the hilarity and not so funny humor is supposed to ensue. After starring in The Ugly Truth, Butler continues to slide down a slippery slope of crappy movies that under perform at the box office. The Bounty Hunter doesn’t look like a step in the right direction for either of these actors.

At no point during this trailer did I laugh or even crack a smile. The entertainment value of this thing is nonexistent. See for yourself if The Bounty Hunter is all its cracked up to be.

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What do you think about the latest jewel from Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler?