top ten gifts for movie lovers
No matter who you are, last minute Christmas shopping is always stressful and uncomfortable. With the clock winding down to the big day your chances of finding the perfect gift are slim to none. Therefore, we’ve decided to help your holiday dilemma by listing the Top Ten Gifts for the Movie Lover. Film fanatics are picky, and hard to impress so we’ve narrowed down a few favorites that even the most asinine fan will love.


1. Online Movie Membership

Feed their addiction with a free membership to one of the big online rental stores. With Netflix you get your choice of film and television on demand, while Blockbuster allows you to rent online, and exchange movies at any local store. Membership prices for both span between 8.99 – 19.99 per month, so if you’re thinking about going this route plan your money out in advance.

dr no poster james bond

2. Memorabilia

EBay is your friend! Online auctions are the most convenient places to shop for vintage or contemporary film merchandise. We’re talking posters, T-Shirts, action figures (for our Star Wars fanatics), or autographed photos if you can cough up the cash. Find out their favorite film, genre, or actor and look for something unique that celebrates them. You’ll be surprised by what people put up for sale. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

james bond dvd

3. DVD Box Sets

There are a few words that every movie buff loves to hear: collector’s edition, special edition, limited edition, unrated version, director’s cut, you get the picture. If you’re thinking about buying a specific movie, go hard or go home. Get a rare copy or a version that has different cover art. You can even up the ante by going for a specific box set that features a particular actor, director, or franchise. They usually cost a bit but more, but their worth the extra cash.

cary grant book

4. Books on Film

There are some movie lovers who are aficionado’s, who go out of their way to learn everything that can about film history. In this case, your local bookstore should be your shopping weapon of choice. Venture to the TV/Film section and sift through everything from biographies to coffee table books. Some of the best one’s focus on classic cinema, science-fiction, or any type of documentary.

empire magazine

5. Magazine Subscription

If books are too stuffy or boring for your taste, a magazine would be the next natural step. Their not as thick and contain pretty pictures on glossy paper to keep your attention. Invest in a subscription to one of the major movie magazines like Empire, Premiere, or even Filmmaker. This way you can mix entertainment and information without the fear of boredom. You can also pay for it up front, which means no monthly fees.

star wars soundtrack

6. Movie Soundtracks

Some people ignore the background music in movies, but any real fan of the medium submerges themselves in it. For every great movie there’s an equally amazing soundtrack, which means you have a huge selection to choose from. Find a movie that has a theme song that sticks out or represents a certain time in someone’s life and you’ve got the perfect Christmas gift. Music is nostalgic and can bring up good or bad memories, so be careful with your soundtrack of choice.

scene it harry potter

7. Movie Trivia Games

Have you ever played the movie trivia game, Scene-It? It’s an insult to anyone who’s ever watched more than five films in their lifetime. The questions are ridiculously easy and don’t serve as a challenge to any real movie fan, but somehow it still manages to entertain. The deluxe edition versions are the best, because they focus on one particular franchise of films, for example they have some dedicated to Harry Potter, James Bond, Star Trek and even Twilight.


8. Flat Screen TV

We can’t all have a 40 foot projection screen in our living room, but a flat screen TV is a cheaper more accessible alternative. Wide screen TVs are becoming all the rage in home entertainment so why not step it up a notch? They cost a pretty penny, but if you want to watch your favorite movies with high quality sound and HD picture, you might want to start saving. Depending on the size, a flat screen TV can run you anywhere between a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars. It’s not a light investment, so make it count!

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9. Blu-ray Player

Technology changes every few years and the film industry is pretty much forcing HD Blu-ray discs down our throats. A Blu-ray player would be a great gift for the film fan looking to keep up with the times. Every week older movie titles are released in the format, which means a better selection to choose from. We’re unsure of what the next media advancement will be, but with a Blu-ray player at least you’ll be covered for the next six months.


10. A Reclining Chair

No matter who they are, the ultimate movie lover’s fantasy will always include a big screen TV, junk food, and a reclining chair. It’s the trifecta of successful movie watching. There are so many chairs on the market with everything from leather to suede covering. To a movie fan, the material doesn’t matter as much as the reclining action. As long as it gives the proper support, while relaxing every muscle in your body, you’re good to go. If you find the right one they’ll live in that thing, Archie Bunker style.

What do you think of our Top Ten Gifts for the movie lover? What would you add?