spiderman 4 release

Spider-Man 4 is supposed to make its way to theaters in 2011, yet the production continues to hit snags along the way. For the past few weeks we’ve been hearing one rumor after the other regarding the film’s casting. More specifically, the villains have come into question and their causing some serious issues with the production.

Various sources have stated that Spider-Man 4 has been put on “indefinite hold” because Sony and director Sam Raimi can’t decide on a villain for the film. We’ve heard that some of the characters in contention are The Lizard, Black Cat, and Vulture, but none have been confirmed. Rumors spread like wildfire that the villain debate was causing so much confusing that the studio halted the production.

Over at MTV, they got word from a Sony spokesperson who said the news wasn’t true and the film will go on according to plan. The upcoming break the movie will take is scheduled and due to the holiday season. They plan on resuming work on the film early next year, so all of you who thought Spider-Man was in trouble can relax. This is standard operating procedure for any studio to take time off at the end of the year.

Are you worried about the production of Spider-Man 4? Who should be the film’s villain?