I mean no disrespect for the incredible actors who have recently been nominated for Best Actor in all of the critics choice awards, SAG awards, and Golden Globes. But I do feel like someone has been left out… As always, there seems to be a million different awards to win, and yet the same people keep getting nominated over and over again. For the most part I agree with everyone who has been selected and re-selected for Best Actor except for one person… Ben Foster.

He gave one of the most subtle and yet strong performances of the year in The Messenger and has received no love for it. His co-star Woody Harrelson, got nominated for both a SAG award, a Golden Globe and others, and although his performance was great, it was Foster who lead the movie and made it what it was.

Ben Foster is not a house-hold name, and perhaps that’s what is standing in his way. To me it seems insane that Woody could get nominated and not Ben for the same film. As the army would say “all for one.” If you take one great performance, you have to take the other.

So I am starting a petition for everyone who thinks Ben Foster deserves to be nominated alongside his co-star Woody Harrelson, for his outstanding performance in Oren Moverman’s film The Messenger.

All those who are with me, vote for him below and leave a comment below saying that you think Foster should be nominated!

Everything you send will be give to the movie’s publicists and they will send it out and begin the movement to get Foster nominated! You can make a difference! Do so now!

Should Ben Foster be Nominated for Best Actor?

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