Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer

Earlier this week, we teased you about the impending trailer for the new comedy, Hot Tub Time Machine. The premise is as stupid as the title implies, but the movie actually looks funny. The film is what happens when you mix Road Trip with Back to the Future, via a hot tub instead of a car.

Hot Tub Time Machine centers on four friends who unwittingly go back in time after a drunken afternoon at a ski resort. They’re transported to 1986 where they see everything from cassette players to leg-warmers make a comeback. They use their prior knowledge of the future to try and start over, and improve their depressing lives. The film stars John Cusack as a man who’s been dumped by his girlfriend; Rob Corddry as a party guy who can’t find the party; Craig Robinson as a man controlled by his wife, and Clark Duke as a man obsessed with video games.

When word spread that this movie was being made, I thought it was going to be another waste of film, but it looks somewhat decent. As a matter of fact, it looks hilarious. The movie also has Chevy Chase in a supporting role, which is awesome because who doesn’t miss the days when he was actually funny?

Here’s the trailer:

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What do you think of the trailer for the Hot Tub Time Machine?

Source: Yahoo