New alice in wonderland trailer

This morning the new trailer for Disney’s Alice in Wonderland was released, and it gave us an eyeful of what we can expect from the movie. When word spread that Tim Burton was making a live action adaptation of the children’s book everyone automatically assumed it was going to be another remake of the old story, but it’s turning out to be the exact opposite.

First off, Alice is no longer a precocious kid with a headband and a fluffy blue dress. She’s a 19 year old woman played by Mia Wasikowska, who finds herself returning to the magical land she visited as a child. After watching the latest trailer it makes you wonder if Burton’s film is fully based on Alice in Wonderland or it’s unofficial sequel, Through the Looking Glass. There are a lot of coincidences between the stories, but a lot of the events in the trailer mimic the second book as opposed to the first.

The misshapen twins Tweedledee and Tweedledum appear in the film, even though they don’t appear anywhere in the first book (although they did in the animation version as well). Technically, they make their debuts in the second book, Through the Looking Glass, where they pop up alongside Jabberwock, and Humpty Dumpty. It’s interesting, because this the first time that a few character flaws and plot discrepancies have been revealed from the movie. If anything, the film looks more like a hybrid between the two stories than a complete remake or adaptation.

Rewatch the Alice in Wonderland trailer and tell us what you think is going on.

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